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Kevin’s Story

How I found Westin Air

I remember like it was yesterday. It was a dark and cold December evening, just a couple of days before Christmas. Alone, lost, and afraid, I was running through a field and then a parking lot, desperately searching for help. It seemed like every office building I ran past was closed, as all the humans had left to go home to their families for the long holiday weekend. I kept running, hoping to find someone to help me. And there it was; like a lighthouse in the dark night, I hurried towards the light in an office, hoping there was a kind human still there. The sign next to the building said “Westin Air” (so I’m told, I can’t read - I’m a puppy!). I barked, whined, and scratched at the door in an attempt to garner attention. Finally, a human opened the door, looked down at me with compassion, and scooped me up into his arms. I knew I was safe and that everything was going to be okay.


Safe and Sound

While giving this man some puppy kisses in an attempt to thank him, he carried me to his pickup truck, and off we went. I later learned his name is Wes Shankland and he is a co- owner of the HVAC company, Westin Air. We arrived his family’s Christmas party and I was excitedly greeted by lots of children. Wes asked his sister, Carrie, if she would help get me reunited with my owner, using something called social media. Over the next 24 hours, Carrie worked hard to find out where I belong, not realizing it would be with her and her family! She eventually found my first owner. The owner was relieved to hear that I was safe and being taken care of by a family with children, and decided I would be happiest to stay with them.


My New Family

I love my new family and life! I now have human children and an older doggie brother. The kids decided to name me Kevin, after a movie called “Home Alone,” which I’m told is about a little boy who is all alone at Christmas time, just like me! We spend our days playing, taking walks, and cuddling. I still get to see Wes from time to time, and I always give him lots of love for saving me that cold, scary night. Westin Air will always be a special place to me!

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