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If your home has a heat pump for heating and cooling, you most likely have an all electric home, or are using a dual fuel solution and might have a propane furnace. In contrast to air conditioners, which only have to work in the summer months, your heat pump works hard, all year long. This adds to the wear and tear on the system, and possibly the need for more frequent repairs. If you notice your heat pump is not cooling or heating properly, or you notice ice building up on the line set that runs between the outdoor unit and the indoor air handler or coil, you may have a leak resulting in low refrigerant levels. The leak could be in your indoor coil, or in the outdoor unit. Either way, this is something that you will need a service technician to diagnose and repair. A heat pump that is low on refrigerant is very inefficient and your electric bills will be much higher than necessary.


If you notice unusual noises coming from your outdoor unit upon start-up or normal operation, you should have it checked out. If a problem is developing, it is much better to proactively diagnose it and repair, than wait until it is not working at all. Further damage could occur to the unit, and a small repair could turn into a very costly one. Since heat pumps and air conditioners are similar in many respects, they share some common problems that can affect performance.


Things to look for:

Dirty Air Filter – If your air filter is very dirty, it doesn’t allow the blower to pull sufficient air through, and can cause your system to shut down in heating or cooling mode. Always keep a clean filter in place.


Dirty outdoor or indoor coil – It is important to keep both the indoor and outdoor coils clean, in order to keep your heat pump running at maximum efficiency and capacity. If either of these coils is dirty, it puts quite a strain on your system and can end up in costly repairs.


Some common components that might need repair are contactors, capacitors, and the compressor. Another common repair that occurs with older systems is a leak in the coil. If you suspect something is not quite right with your system, it is wise to have one of our service technicians check it out. They will be able to run diagnostic tests on the system, and make any necessary repairs, in order to keep your system operating correctly and efficiently.


The best possible way to avoid having your heat pump breaking down unexpectedly, is to keep the unit properly maintained. This will keep your heat pump running at its maximum efficiency, also. Consider signing up for one of our maintenance plans to proactively find anything that is going wrong with your heat pump. Should you need a repair, we are here for you. You can reach us at 614-794-1259


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