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In addition to the typical “no cool” that indicates you need a service call for your air conditioner, there are a few other things that might indicate there is something wrong with your system. If you notice icing or excessive moisture on the line set that runs between the outdoor unit and the indoor coil, there is a good chance that your refrigerant is low. This could be due to a leak in your coil, or possibly the unit was not charged properly when installed or during a previous repair. In any case, this is something that should be addressed as soon as possible. An air conditioner with a leaky coil, or low refrigerant, runs very inefficiently and will result in higher than normal electric bills. You may notice that your AC seems like it just “can’t keep up.” Our technicians will be able to measure the amount of refrigerant in your system, and make recommendations based on their findings. The old R-22 refrigerant is being phased out, and as a result, is very expensive. If your system uses R-22, has a very large leak, and need a lot of refrigerant, you may want to consider replacement.


Another indication that something is wrong with your air conditioner is short-cycling. This occurs when the unit is too large for your home, or there could be a problem with the operation of the unit. Our service technicians will be able to test your unit and determine if there is a problem. Occasionally, homes have AC units that are too large for the home. Perhaps someone had the idea that “bigger is better,” or perhaps someone got a deal on a unit that was not the proper size for their home. If you suspect your unit is too large, you should consider having our sales representative do a free, no-obligation, heat gain/ heat loss calculation on your home. This will accurately tell you what the correct size of heating and cooling equipment is needed for your home. A properly sized air conditioner will remove more humidity and will more evenly cool your home, as opposed to a unit that is too large.


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