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What is an air handler or fan coil?

Air handlers or fan coils are the indoor portion of an all electric system used to heat and cool your home. These units contain the blower motor that circulates the conditioned air throughout your home, and also contain heat strips that provide supplemental heat to your home when it gets too cold for your heat pump to provide all the heat necessary.


When should I replace my air handler or fan coil?

If your unit is over 10 years old and develops a very costly repair, it would be wise to investigate the options available to replace your unit. For example, you might develop a leak in the coil that is in your unit. These can be almost as expensive to repair as purchasing a replacement unit. Unfortunately, it is best to replace your heat pump and air handler at the same time. These units are made to work in conjunction with each other. At this time, all new units have R-410A refrigerant. It is likely that your old system as R-22 refrigerant, so a new unit would not be compatible with the old. R-22 refrigerant is being phased out and will no longer be available after 2020. R-22 is not friendly to the environment, so it is being replace by R-410A. Any new system you purchase will be much more efficient than your old, lowering your operating costs significantly. Also, your new system will have a 10 year warranty on all the parts, so you should be free from worry for a long time.


What type of air handlers or fan coils are available?

Many improvements have come about in the past few years, giving you several options to consider when selecting a new air handler. Air handlers used to only come with PSC blower motors. Now, you can select PSC, ECM energy efficient blower motors, and variable speed blowers that are energy efficient, energy efficient, and will increase the SEER rating of your heat pump. The ECM blower motor will just operate at one speed that is set by your installer, as the PSC, but will use far less energy, as the motor converts the electricity used to operate it from AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current) power. The variable speed blower motor also converts the power from AC to DC, but also runs at various speeds. The blower will come on at a very slow speed, and ramp up and down as necessary while operating. This blower is extremely quiet and helps reduce hot and cold spots in your home.


Should your heat pump or air handler need replacing, contact Westin Air to schedule a free, no obligation consultation from one of our qualified sales persons. They can help guide you in your decision as to which system makes good sense for your home, and also give you the pricing for the systems.


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