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Air Handlers

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Air Handlers are often called electric heaters, electric furnaces, or indoor fan coils. They are often paired with heat pumps or used in situations where gas is unavailable. In most situations, air handlers contain an electric heat package (this is an add-on option), a blower motor and a coil. Knowledge of the different types of coils is important when selecting an air handler.
There is a mixture of options available similar to that of coils and furnaces.

Blower Motor

The blower motor is a part of your furnace that is used all year long. In the summer it circulates your air conditioning throughout your home and in the winter it circulates the heat from your furnace.Your furnace runs on alternating current (A/C) which is more expensive to operate than direct current (D/C). The ability to switch from A/C to D/C makes a motor an ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor).

ECM Variable Speed Blower Motor

(THIS IS SOMETIMES CALLED A COMMUNICATING ECM FAN MOTOR) This is the most energy efficient and quietest of all blower motors. It runs about 80% efficient and uses about 413 watts in cooling mode and about 83 watts in continuous fan mode (less than a 100 watt light bulb). It can increase your overall cooling system performance as much as or more than one SEER. It ramps up and down to meet the demands of your thermostat. It will keep your home at a more even temperature and helps eliminate cold/hot spots. It communicates with your furnace to meet the airflow needs of the thermostat. Like the X13 motor, it takes alternating current (A/C) and transfers it into direct current (D/C).

X13 Blower Motor

(THIS IS SOMETIMES CALLES A HIGH EFFICIENCY ECM MOTOR or some variation of that) This is the second most energy efficient of the blower motors. This motor is more efficient that the PSC motor but less efficient than a variable speed motor. It uses about 413 watts in cooling mode and about 200 in continuous fan mode. As ann ECM, it has the ability to transfer alternating current (A/C) to direct current (D/C). Sometimes these are labeled with different speeds (such as four-speed). This means the motor has been made to accommodate different amounts of airflow which are needed by different sized systems. For example, a three ton heat pump needs to move a different amount of air than a five ton. Making this motor a four-speed makes it more universal but will operate in one set speed for heating and one set speed for cooling.

PSC Blower Motor

(THIS IS SOMETIMES CALLED A PSC FOUR SPEED FAN MOTOR or some variation of that) This is the least efficient and loudest of all the blower motors. If this motor is ran in continuous fan mode, it uses as much energy as five 100 watt light bulbs lit all day long (552 watts in cooling mode and 515 in continual fan mode). It runs about 60% efficient. It may be described as having multiple speeds but in this circumstance, the number of speeds it has, describes how universal it is. This motor will have one set speed used in cooling mode and one set speed for heating mode. This motor does not have the ability to transfer alternating current (A/C) to direct current (D/C).

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