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The first few really warm days of spring always come along with a lot of phone calls to Westin Air from customers that think there is something not quite right with their air conditioner, or it may not be working at all. We have all gotten quite accustomed to our AC and being able to keep our homes cool and comfortable when the hot weather arrives. Many people would rather have their furnace not working, than their AC. You can always put on warm clothes and cover up with a blanket, but when it's hot, it's miserable. If your air conditioner is blowing a little cool air, but just can't seem to keep your home at the desired temperature, or if it is not cooling at all, be sure to call Westin Air! We will send a highly trained service technician to your home to find out exactly what the problem is, and let you know what air conditioner repair options we can offer you to keep you cool and comfortable all summer long.


Here are some signs that your air conditioner might need a repair:


Your AC is constantly running, but cannot reach the temperature that you have set on your thermostat.
While it is normal for your air conditioner to run longer and more often when it is hot and humid outside, but, if it never reaches the set point on your thermostat, you should call for a diagnostic service call. An undersized AC can cause it to run excessively to keep up, but if this has not been an ongoing problem, you may have something else going on. Your unit may have developed a leak and is low on refrigerant. A common problem that can cause your system to struggle to cool your home is a dirty filter. A good idea is to make a note on your calendar to remind you to change the filters on a regular basis. Also, check the outdoor unit for dirt on the coil. It is a good idea to gently rinse the coil off several times during the summer. A dirty coil can make the unit struggle to run efficiently. If the filter is clean, and the outdoor coil is clean, then you should consider calling for a service appointment.


Your AC is running for very short periods of time, even when it is hot outside.
If your air conditioner is "short cycling," your home is more than likely more humid than you would like. Longer run times will remove more of the humidity that makes the air so uncomfortable in the summer. The most likely cause of this problem is an AC that is too large for your home. Some people have the idea that "bigger is better," but this is certainly not true when it comes to air conditioners. It is important that your AC is the correct size, but not oversized, so that you get the proper dehumidification. There are times when a dirty coil, or a very dirty filter can cause your AC to shut down, so be sure to have a qualified technician check out your unit for other problems that may be solved. While you can replace your filter, a qualified technician is required for cleaning the coil. If nothing seems to help, consider calling your HVAC company and ask for a load calculation to be done on your home. Westin Air provides this service free of charge, so don't hesitate to call us if you suspect the size of your AC may not be right for your home.


The airflow from your registers seems very weak.
While it is common for the airflow may seem reduced, due to 2 stage or variable speed air conditioners, if your unit is maintaining the desired temperature, there is probably not a problem. If your airflow is weak, and the temperature is not what is set on your thermostat, you should probably have a service technician check out your air conditioner. A significantly dirty air filter can slow down airflow, or you may have a problem with the blower motor on your furnace or air handler. If your air filter is clean and you still have a problem with weak airflow, be sure and call for a repairman to check out your unit for other possible problems.


Your air conditioner will not run at all.
First, make sure that someone didn't turn off the unit at the thermostat. If the thermostat shows that the air conditioner is set to cool, make sure the set point is lower than the current temperature in the room. If everything is fine on your thermostat, be sure to check out the breaker on your electrical panel. A circuit breaker could have tripped. If you find that the breaker has tripped, reset it and see if the unit works. If it trips again, there might be something wrong with the AC which is causing the breaker to trip. Call Westin Air and ask for a diagnostic service call. Our technicians are trained to be able to find the problem, and get it fixed quickly.


Electric bills that are excessively high.
With electric bills skyrocketing recently, it may not be as easy to determine if there is an actual problem, or if the rates have just gone up. You can, however, get a better idea of high electricity usage versus just the rates going up by looking at an electric bill from the previous year for the same time period. If the actual electricity used is much higher, then you should consider calling for a diagnostic repair service call. Since dirty filters can cause an AC to run longer, which would increase your bill, be sure to check that out first.


Observing ice build up on refrigerant lines.
If you see ice around the area where the line set is connected to the outside unit, or icing around the area where the refrigerant lines connect to the indoor coil, be sure to call Westin Air for a repair service immediately. This is a sign of low refrigerant, and will lead to very high electric bills. As stated multiple times throughout this article, check your filter to be sure it is not dirty. A dirty filter is a very common problem that results in reduced cooling.


If you think you might need an air conditioner repair service, who should you call? First of all, you will want a company that employs certified HVAC repair technicians. A good company will make sure their repair technicians have regular training and keep up with knowledge of repairs needed for the new, more technologically advanced air conditioners.


Online reviews are a good way to get knowledge about a company you are considering for your AC repair. If customers consistently have great things to say about a company, that is a good sign that their repair technicians are highly qualified.


Be sure to ask upfront what the initial cost of the repair call includes. Our service technicians will thoroughly evaluate the situation, and let the homeowner know what their findings are. If you do need to replace parts, or have major work done on your unit, the Westin Air technician will give you a flat fee price for the repair. He will also let you know what the warranty is on the repair. Many times, the technician has the parts necessary for the repair on his truck, and can do the repair while he is there.


If the Westin Air repair technician says that your unit needs a major repair, you may want to consider getting a new air conditioner, rather than fixing the old one. Some factors to consider are the age of the unit that needs the repair. If your unit is older and needs a major repair, you may want to consider a replacement. You wouldn't want to spend a lot of money on a repair this year, then in a few months find out that another major repair is necessary. New units are much more energy efficient, and since energy costs are skyrocketing, it makes good sense to get the most efficient unit that you can afford.


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